/Odell Beckham: Giants traded me to Cleveland to die

Odell Beckham: Giants traded me to Cleveland to die

Until Odell Beckham Jr. appears in meaningful games with the Cleveland Browns the past will continue to be in the spotlight.

The superstar receiver’s trade from the New York Giants to the Browns sent shockwaves through the NFL back in March that still reverberate.

Once again going on the record for a magazine article, Beckham rehashed his exit from New York, this time telling Sports Illustrated the trade was personal for Big Blue who he said are “stuck in an older mindset.” Beckham claimed the Giants had better trade offers but sent him to Cleveland out of spite.

“This wasn’t no business move,” he told SI. “This was personal. They thought they’d send me here to die.”

It’s the latest headline-making quote from Beckham discussing his former team this offseason. He’d previously noted he couldn’t reach his potential on the Giants, and another instance felt “disrespected” by the organization.

Following his team’s practice Tuesday, Giants coach Pat Shurmur wasn’t in the mood to respond to the latest missives from Ohio (Baker Mayfield also was in the news for an unsolicited shot at Daniel Jones).

“Quite frankly, on our list of issues of the day, it really doesn’t matter what Odell or Baker say,” Shurmur said, per The Athletic.

The truth of the matter is that the Giants traded Beckham to a rising young team that boasts a dynamic quarterback in Mayfield, a potentially dominant defense led by Myles Garrett, and OBJ’s childhood friend Jarvis Landry.

All the offseason headlines will be white noise if the Browns live up to the soaring expectations.

As for Beckham in the here-and-now, the receiver continued to sit out of team drills in practice Tuesday while dealing with a hip injury.